The Story of Les P’tits Fouets


Hey there! Welcome to the world of Les P’tits Fouets, where cooking is all about fun and creativity! I'm Salvio, a proud dad of 39, and the spirit behind this delicious adventure. 🧑‍🍳


My story? After studying International Trade at HELMO in Liège, I ventured into the world of banking. But what really made my heart beat was cooking with my little ones! The birth of my little chef in 2016 sparked something special. 💡

Picture this: a messy kitchen, whisks too heavy and spatulas too big for my daughter's hands... A real battlefield, but so much fun! And then, bam! 💥 Why not create utensils perfectly sized for mini chefs? A year later, voilà! Les P’tits Fouets were born. 🎉

And guess what? We've got loads of new surprises brewing behind the scenes! 🌈 New products are ready to roll out to make your family cooking moments even more sparkling. Get ready, our upcoming tools are set to revolutionize cooking for little gourmets! 🌟

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